Suchajja Jivan

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The Sikh Tenets of Life – An ideal way of truthful living


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The greatest religion is to love life. Respecting all aspects of our life is a noble way of thinking. Taking control of ones life and living it in a truly respectful way is an ideal consideration. It is expected from all mankind to understand the importance of this ideal way of living.  Our life is a bouquet of happiness, dreams, laughter, joy, ecstasy and newly sprouting moments of bliss. At the same time this life is an amalgam of obstacles, calamities, misfortunes, disasters, mishaps and tragedies that discolors the rainbow of life. Amidst all these difficulties man cries, weeps, yells, sobs, moans and isolates himself from these hurdles of life. All this is evident from the life experiences, and way of life that one has lived. When man is just trying to evade all the facades of life, he discolors his dreams and truthfulness and discards it from the existence.


AYsy mwhOl ivc aus nUM loV huMdI hY iksy AYsy SISy dI, jo aus nUM Asl KuS nuhwr jIvn dI qsvIr vKw sky[  ds sky aus (mnuK mwqr) nUM Eh rwh ijs rwhIN auh vwps mlhwrW qy cwvW dy dyS prq sky[  jIA sky aunHW sdrW nUM jo cMgI nroeI soc ivcoN pYdw hoky s`B leI Bly dy rwg Alwpx[  mn mauly, qn iKVy Aqy pirvwrW Aqy smwjW dy vyVy qs`lIAW, sMquStIAW, myhnqW Aqy sPlqWvW dI mihk iKlry[ pqw lgy DrqI dy sIny 'qy jIvn rumkdw hY, jIvn vsdw hY Aqy ijauNidAW dIAW bsqIAW psr rhIAW hn[


In this facet of life, he is in dire need of a mirror that illustrates him the true picture of a life full of chastisement and veracity. That can tell the person embodied in this human form the path that he can traverse to his pride of imaginings and accomplishments. That he can live the life of absolution and every thought that evolves is for the furtherance of mankind. His mind is astute, his presence is graceful and he spreads the essence of a satisfied, hardworking and consummate individual. It should be evident from his mere manifestation that this is this is where life subsists and that universe and life are one. 

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