Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

1.     Gurbani Santhia Group – This group will help not only to study and interpret Gurbani but also to help us make it a daily routine and discipline ourselves. The idea for this training is to help the mind to nullify the untoward thoughts that make humans waiver from the true path and will help them to understand that how the tennets of this faith can help us achieve it.

2.     Family Group – This group will focus on families who are exposed to different substances or a member of the family is becoming addicted.  How can the other members of the family come together and help maintain not only their own sanity but to help other members back on track by use and application of the principles of Gurbani. This group is going to start very soon and please contact us via email or telephone.

3.     Personal meeting – Other than the above-mentioned groups, one can make an appointment at any time to discus their personal issues.  We are familiar with PIPEDA – personal information protection and electronic documentation act and hence all the details of the meeting will be protected and not disclosed unless otherwise as required by permission or by law.

4.     Lives learning for Children – Any age group of children are welcome to attend. We will finalize the groups based on level of understanding after an assessment. At this moment we have two groups viz. First, How Gurbani is written, read and discoursed; Second, how the western world writers have transcribed Gurbani and described Sikh history to acclimatize to their understanding (for the second class it was thought necessary to advocate to our diaspora how the western historians present the picture of Sikhism to this world and important criteria they follow to help spread their account to the crowd) Through this method we want to spread the true word of Gurbani and seek cleansing of the mind and to purify the thought process. Inner cleansing through Gurbani is scientifically now known to help the mind cross this ocean of mental weakness and helps us tide over our problems and lead a healthy social, mental, physical and financial life.

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Religious Discourses:

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Our emphasis is to deliver the message of “Gurbani” to every individual in a manner that is very understanding and helps to make you aware of the current ailments of society and how to cleanse “self” by use of the spiritual knowledge gained through these discourses. 


Essence of the “Way of Life”

There is a strong need for the “Way of Life” especially for the Canadian Sikh Community, who have a strong relationship and binding with its rich heritage, culture, spirituality along with Canadian Values. At the same time, they are facing many challenges such as addiction, family disputes, women abuse, children abuse and abuse of the elderly in their newly adopted country, Canada. What is needed is that how can they benefit from their spirituality and rich heritage to counter these challenges. To fulfill this connection they need a system of education and proper channel for spiritual counseling within the Canadian environment, so they can become good and responsible citizens of our society. Moreover, people who are not having any issues, those that are having a healthy well-being and living an enjoyable life sometimes need to adopt pre-emptive measures to continue with their modern life style to prevent any cessation of their well being.


The Canadian Sikhs are at cross roads whether to renounce their heritage or adopt the modern tennets of life. This makes an arduous task for them to fight the challenges of life. It is very tranquil for them to find a resolution to the challenges of life via adoption of their heritage and spiritual cultural beliefs rather than the modern western solutions. But at the same time, resolution in the Canadian context is only possible if the Canadian authenticities are followed. This creates a greater gap in adoption of a system and resolution of the current issues. The Need for Way of Life counseling methodology to exist is to create the amalgamation of the Rich Sikh Heritage, spiritual values and the Modern Canadian Social way of life. 

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